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I require info regarding the eat2go servlet and integration standards white paper 
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Please send me more information regarding eat2go/initiate contact with me and/or consider me for an affiliate of eat2go. Your passcode will be sent to the e-mail address you've provided. When signing up merchants, use the passcode provided to identify the merchant and your relationship.


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If you intend to write a auto-submission script in order to auto-register you clients with the eat2go directory listings, please be advised that the target is Pass the parameter list through standard CGI protocols in variable-value pairs. It is required for you to include your companies primary phone number as the reference code within the data stream.

eat2go reserves the right to deny auto-submissions for any reason what-so-ever or to change the field specifications of the submission form without any notice to you, your client or anyone else. Submission requests generated more than once per month will result in lower rankings. eat2go support personnel will attempt to debug your submission request, if you should inform us, and request this from us. We, will not; however, assist you in authoring your script in any way, and specifically state that we are not obligated to do so. Send your requests to,, food-port, NICE, are trademarks of Teller.
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